‘Wild Ex-Girlfriend’ Programs The Challenges With All The Method We Coach Women Around Love

Throughout in 2010 associated with the CW’s

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

, we have now seen Rebecca satirize the objectives and ideas of women in society and pop culture, in locations such beauty, feminine relationship, and career. Well,

Wild Ex-Girlfriend

is at it again
during Monday night of bout of the tv series. This time around, the tv series tackled perhaps the two popular supply products from where we draw
our ideals about love and relationship
: fairy myths and passionate www mylol comedies.

Obviously, this arrived following just about the most enchanting minutes associated with the period, whenever Rebecca and Josh eventually provided a separate hug once they lost the class-action suit in final Monday night of event. Unsurprisingly, Rebecca ended up being probably the happiest she’s ever been on

Nuts Ex-Girlfriend

, but Josh ended up being saturated in guilt for cheating on Valencia.

Still, Rebecca’s fairytale stopping felt even more coming soon now than before, or she had been the female protagonist of a rom-com, as Paula enjoyed to put it. Going with aforementioned metaphor, Paula instructed Rebecca to wait until Josh made the most important action.

Though Rebecca anxiously wanted to keep in touch with Josh (because resisting the urge to deliver someone a pic of a lovely yellow panda is


, you guys), Paula’s guidance worked because the guy quickly showed up at Rebecca’s home. Regrettably, he did not arrive bearing great news. He told Rebecca which he feels a link with Rebecca, but kissing the girl ended up being completely wrong, and he’s going to tell Valencia how it happened, planning on her to-break up with him. After that, he in the offing on skipping to Hawaii observe his friend Hector in a surfing competition and easily abstain from most of the drama.

Rebecca had a difficult time that contain the woman exhilaration across the probability of Valencia separating with Josh. It actually was subsequently that Paula recommended the woman to reserve a solution on Josh’s jet to Hawaii ASAP since it is “the huge gesture moment” associated with the rom-com she is starring in.

At this point, you may be thinking,

Tend to be Rebecca and Josh at long last getting collectively

? I am aware it’s difficult to trust since everything hasn’t worked out for Rebecca during the relationship office up to now this year. And now we in fact get a little sign early on inside episode this particular can be another plan of Rebecca’s that collisions and burns whenever Greg reminded us he practiced his “grand motion moment” in finally Monday night’s episode when he went down toward courthouse to share with Rebecca exactly how much the guy loved this lady, and then get a hold of the woman locking lips with Josh.

Greg’s rom-com failed to work-out for him, therefore unfortunately doesn’t work aside for Rebecca often. Josh told Valencia he kissed Rebecca and asserted that the guy don’t love this lady, reaffirming his fascination with Valencia. Rebecca witnessed your whole exchange because she would tell Josh to not inform Valencia in order that they stayed together because she thought so very bad about being responsible for tearing the apart.

Nevertheless now with the knowledge that Josh doesn’t love the girl and certainly will probably never ever love the girl has made Rebecca experience worse. She actually moved so far as to sing, “i am the villain in my own story/i am the witch in my account.” She actually appeared as if the witch from

Snow-white additionally the Seven Dwarfs

and Valencia ended up being the lovely princess, or rather, damsel in stress getting punished. The track in addition references rom-coms when Rebecca sang “i am the bitch when you look at the corner associated with poster.”

This bout of

Wild Ex-Girlfriend

reminded you that convinced that love must like a rom-com or a story book is difficult not merely because they’re fiction and don’t show exactly what life is enjoy but how they portray females. Now I love rom-coms and fairy myths up to the next individual, but in general, each method can provide one-dimensional female characters who are both great or poor; absolutely frequently little nuance. As well as are pit against each other while they fight over men.

The conclusion this episode indicated that Rebecca might think even more sensibly about her life someday. After having a panic attack while receiving the key to western Covina on her behalf are employed in delivering awareness of the water scandal, she was placed close to her counselor, just who she was in fact keeping away from, on a plane. Rebecca decided to utilize that point to share with you the woman feelings together with issues she actually is already been having in her own existence, which ideally suggests she’s going to be concentrating much less on trying to make the woman life like a fairy story or rom-com with Josh and on attempting to make by herself delighted.

The only real terrifying element of it really is do not understand in which Rebecca is certian or whenever or if she will end up being going back to western Covina anytime soon. But, needless to say, this can just be part of another want to win Josh’s passion. They state “absence makes the center develop fonder,” therefore I predict that Rebecca will not be done with Josh and vice versa just yet.

Pictures: Scott Everett White (2), Greg Gayne/The CW